Let NY Bet
Bring Mobile Sports Betting to
New York

New York is leaving money on the table!

Projected tax revenue mobile betting would have already generated this year:

Mobile Sports Betting would generate over
$100 Million
every year in tax revenue for New York!

Without Mobile Betting in NY You Can't...

Let NY Bet

Take The Under
on your way
home from work

Let NY Bet

Place a live bet
from your favorite

Let NY Bet

Cover the spread
from the comfort
of your home

Why isn't mobile sports betting available in NY?

The New York state legislature must pass legislation authorizing mobile sports betting before it can be offered in NY. If you want mobile betting in NY you must take action and contact your lawmakers now.

Why does New York need mobile sports betting?

Without mobile betting you would be required to go to a physical location to place a bet. That means that you can’t bet from the comfort and privacy of your home or from your favorite restaurant while you watch the game. Without mobile betting money will continue to flow to illegal offshore bookies instead of staying in NY where it is needed.


Look what New York is missing
without Mobile Betting!

Let DC Bet

Money for the Empire State

Fans aren’t the only ones who win with mobile sports betting. Revenue generated through legal mobile betting means that money stays right here in New York instead of flowing to illegal offshore bookies.


Just like ride sharing apps revolutionized the way in which people get around NY, mobile sports betting will revolutionize how fans enjoy the games they love. People in states like New Jersey are already enjoying innovative features like Live/In-Game bets, Pools, Cross-Sport Parlays, Futures, Prop Bets and more.